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Why You Should Scrap Your Diesel Car

Diesel vehicles have always been a popular choice for motorists who cover higher than average mileage. Although they are initially more expensive to buy, they hold their value better than petrol models. Because of their lower CO2 emissions, they are also cheaper to tax.

If your diesel car is at the end of its life you may be asking ‘should I scrap my car?’ The truth is that by scrapping your old diesel car you’ll be doing, not just the environment, but also your health a favour. Here’s why:

Air Pollution

There was a time when diesel cars were heralded for their lower CO2 emissions and considered more ‘eco-friendly’ than petrol models. However, as concerns for the environment grow and newer more energy-efficient fuelled cars are becoming a popular choice, many are campaigning for petrol and diesel models to be banned altogether in favour of low energy vehicles with zero emissions.

More alarmingly, diesel vehicles produce a high level of tiny soot-like particles which directly contribute to air pollution. Many blame the poor air quality in London, especially in the East End, on diesel fuelled vehicles such as buses, vans, taxis and cars.

In the future, diesel drivers may be charged an additional ‘pollution fee’ on top of the existing London congestion charge.

Health officials have stated that the particles emitted by diesel vehicles are responsible for many respiratory problems and are particularly harmful to children, asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Newer models are manufactured with these health concerns in mind. The real pollution problem lies in older diesel vehicles.

Health Risks

Many people die prematurely as a direct result of air pollution. The air pollution produced by diesel vehicles has been compared to cigarette smoking and is thought to be responsible for a number of life threatening conditions including cancer, heart failure and lung disease.

Scrap My Car

By choosing to scrap your old diesel car you’ll be helping the environment and the health of others by reducing air pollution. Components of your vehicle can then be reused or recycled via a car collection service and an Authorised Treatment Facility.